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Don't make this critical mistake​

How could this happen? Whose fault was it? Why didn’t you prevent it? Should you have known there was a problem? The pressure to comment following a high profile incident is intense, and today it is often exaggerated further by the speed with which social media can turn any situation into a worldwide controversy.


Unfortunately, over and over again the pressure causes organizations to comment before they have had time to sufficiently investigate the situation. After all doesn’t saying “no comment” make you look guilty? In the worst cases – and we can point to many – the organization is forced to correct the initial misinformation further damaging their credibility.

“Were you lying then or are you lying now?”


There is a strategy for effectively dealing with this dilemma. It is part of the strategy we provide for our clients and incorporate into our media interview training seminars, crisis prevention programs, crisis management plans and CLE programs for the legal community.

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