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Bimbo Bakeries Case Study 


BACKGROUND: Bimbo is a beloved brand of fresh bread and sweet baked goods that started in Mexico in 1945. Since entering the U.S. market in 1998, MCG has helped the brand with marketing initiatives, promotions and media relations.


OBJECTIVE/TASK: In 2015, Bimbo’s sweet baked goods division hosted a nationwide sweepstakes where customers purchased a product and entered a code online to see if they won. As a grand prize, the company gave away five pickup trucks! MCG was tasked with planning and executing all five of the truck giveaway events in Sherman (TX), Charleston (SC), North Hollywood (CA), Las Vegas (NV) and Los Banos (CA).


OUR WORK/SOLUTIONS: In order to makes these events big, MCG geared the entire event toward achieving media coverage. In addition to planning these events, MCG was also the primary contact with all of the truck winners. At each event, MCG planned several activities including sampling, a remote control truck area for kids, the appearance of Osito (the brand mascot), prizes/giveaways and a live radio remote. At the end of the event, MCG orchestrated the grand reveal of the truck, handing an oversized key to the winner, photos of them getting into their new truck and driving away—all with media cameras rolling!


RESULTS: By gearing these events toward media coverage, MCG received a total of almost 93 minutes of radio airtime, 13 minutes of television coverage, 82,500 print impressions and more than 173,000 social media impressions. In addition, MCG served as the brand spokesperson at these events in both English and Spanish.

MCG Client Gives Away Five Trucks. MCG Takes It To The Media.