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“When the issue of Verified Response comes up, we have been able to count on the MCG team to aggressively and professionally deliver our key messages to the appropriate audiences with clarity and passion. These are the guys you want next to you in the foxhole when the battle starts.”​ - Stan Martin, Executive Director of SIAC 

BACKGROUND: Since 2005, the MCG team has worked with SIAC to successfully address an issue important to the electronic security industry and the customers it protects. The MCG team has handled nationwide communications to support a Model Alarm Ordinance that addresses how communities and public safety agencies deal with calls for service from alarm systems. MCG also helps SIAC combat the opposition program called Verified Response that would dramatically reduce police response to alarms.


OBJECTIVE/TASK: When a municipality either enacts Verified Response or is looking to do so, SIAC relies on MCG to help reverse these ordinances or kill the ordinance before it is passed. 

MCG Helps the Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC) With Municipal Ordinances​

Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC) Case Study


Public Policy

OUR WORK/SOLUTIONS: In municipalities across the United States, the MCG team coordinated all media relations, social media outreach and communications with elected officials and citizens when the Verified Response issue arose. MCG, along with the SIAC team of professionals (including alarm industry experts and former chiefs of police), together act as consultants to jurisdictions considering alarm ordinances.



RESULTS: Of the nation’s 18,000 police agencies, only 13, less than .08 percent have adopted the Verified Response program. In addition, the MCG assists SIAC in getting Verified Response programs reversed—most notably Dallas, Texas in 2007.